Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Devil is a Liberal Progressive

The Devil is a liberal progressive, (read "socialist"). Think about it...

- Promises a "perfect" utopian society
- Promises equality of experience and outcome across all genders ("identified" or otherwise), ages, races, and sexual orientations
- Guarantees there will be no possibility of failure for the individual or the party
- Promises to get rid of all pain, suffering, and unpleasant emotions
- Believes you have the right to feel good, do whatever you like, and be happy right now without anything or anyone getting in your way
- Promises free stuff without having to pay for it or without any accountability or consequences
- Wants to do away with individual ownership of property or means of production
- Proposes bigger government controls to make people do the "right thing"
- Wants to do away with the unbalanced messiness of a Free (Agency) Market; everyone is guaranteed their "fair share" and there will be no "injustice"
- Wants to create a government run (Spiritual) Healthcare System, (see his proposed "Tower of Babel" solution)
- Everyone will have the same opportunity to be educated (by his party's specially selected "curriculum")
- Wants his plan to be put in place by a democratic process (which, ironically, removes all individual voting power soon after you join his "party")
- Tells us our "rights" are not universal, fixed, or bestowed from on high;  they are an ever expanding list of things we "deserve" based on our circumstances, our "passions", our desires, our moods, our feelings, our positions of prominence, our list of letters and periods following our name on our business cards, our "good ideas", someone else's "good ideas", what someone else has, what someone else did to us, what someone else promises us (to get elected), what someone did to someone else a long long time ago, or what the latest behavioral "expert" / scientific theory / pseudo-scientific urban legend / best selling book / magazine article / blogger says we "need" to be happy
- Only asks a small allowance be given to him to run and administer his plan (I.e. all the power and glory be his)
- His plan will only work if everyone joins it, so he and his followers are still actively trying to recruit everyone through literature, debate, social media, advertisements, flyers, rallies, word-of-mouth, and even sometimes face-to-face meetings with influential individuals who may be "on the fence"; he won't stop until everyone is "part of the system"

 (And how's that working out for him or those who choose to go along with it?)

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