Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Talk: Making Final Judgements vs. Intermediate Judgement‏ (Oaks - 1999)

Here is a great talk I ran across while listening to the Mormon Channel.

I have personally been thinking about this ever since a discussion on the topic of judging rightousely came about while watching a popular dance program during a family gathering.  This has answered a lot of questions for me and opened up others to ponder.

Elder Oaks starts with his own lack of understanding between "Final Judgements" and "Intermediate Judgements", and goes on to discuss the difference and what our role is in making judgements:

"I have been puzzled that some scriptures command us not to judge and others instruct us that we should judge and even tell us how to do it. But as I have studied these passages I have become convinced that these seemingly contradictory directions are consistent when we view them with the perspective of eternity. The key is to understand that there are two kinds of judging: final judgments, which we are forbidden to make, and intermediate judgments, which we are directed to make, but upon righteous principles."

Pick a format, and go for it.  You won't be sorry.


Seminary Teacher Resource Manual : "FINAL JUDGMENT AND INTERMEDIATE JUDGMENT" (Short and sweet)

Ensign Article: "Judge Not" and Judging - Oaks - 1999 (Full text)

BYU Broadcasting: Video / Audio

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